fredag, juli 16, 2010

New Hybris digital release: Nils Bech & Krazy Fiesta Arkestra - Drunk love

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Hello Summercats,

HYBRIS DIGITAL has a brand new release for you. Listen and read all about it below!

Nils Bech & Krazy Fiesta Arkestra – Drunk Love

Nils Bech is the Norwegian singer who blurs he borders between art and contemporary pop music. With a background from classical music he has built a position as central figure in the Norwegian club scene the last couple of years. No other artist can as Nils go from performances at the opera house or gallery openings to big outdoor festivals or club gigs – often in the same day!

In early 2010, Nils Bech’s celebrated debut “Look Back” was released on Fysisk Format in Norway, an album written and performed in close collaboration with the
sax-virtuoso and producer Bendik Giske.

In addition to Norwegian press, Nils Bech has features in Interview Magazine, Artforum, Frieze Magazine and Flash Art, to name a few. After numerous performances around the world the last couple of years, the international interest for Nils Bech has been growing as he now is receiving invitations to perform at high profile festivals and venues around Europe and the U.S. Look Back is scheduled for a international release in

Krazy Fiesta is the joint spirit of Swedish musicians and phantom producers Johan Sigroth and Erik Hanspers. With a seemingly nonsense-name and having defined the new wave of independent Swedish contemporary music since 2006 , the approach of KF is not limited to one musical expression. Blind to the traditional division of genres, KF is as comfortable in the techno club as in the obscure pop basement.

Apart from a number of , celebrated bootleg productions, KF has recently collaborated with and remixed an array of artists including Familjen, Mapei, Looptroop Rockers, Boeoes Kaelstigen, Trevor Loveys, Juvelen, Skatebård and Annie. KF has been featured on labels such as Hybris, Adrian Recordings, Trunkfunk and Digitalo/Kompakt to name a few. Later in 2010 KF will unveil a collabo with South-African Spoek Mathambo, to be released on BBE.

Lately, the KF spirit has been the talk of the town all over: From the art scene of Bergen via the Blogosphere to the DJs of BBC Radio 1, and the KF DJ-sets have been heard from Scandinavia to London and Berlin.

Is Drunk Love then to be seen as the return of the acoustic, a club anthem for the disillusioned or a summer tune flavoured by 60s pop? Perhaps all these descriptions are accurate.

The release also features a big room remix by Leo Nathorst-Böös, familiar from notorious Swedish techno-act Boeoes Kaelstigen.

Artwork is made by Sebastian Mardi.

Get out there!