onsdag, april 07, 2010

New release from Hybris digital - Idiot kid

We are proud to announce that Idiot kids album "Darkness in our house" are released at Hybris today! The album have been released in Sweden as a physical CD at the small label Slottet. It was made in a very limited pressing and are sold out and practically impossible to get your hands on. The album got very fine reviews in Sweden. It was also nominated as one of the five best swedish albums of the year by the chief editor of Sonic, the leading music magazine in Sweden. This is a well kept swedish secret that too few have yet discovered. The album is a calm masterpiece.
Through our digital distributor The Orchard, the worlds leading digital distributor, the album is as of today available on all digital platforms from Rio to Tokyo.




About the band and the record:

Idiot Kid is Linus Lutti (guitar and lead vocals) and Ann-Sofie
Lundin (piano, organ and backing vocals). Together they create
ornamented and mysterious pop music, dark and tender at the same time.
This is their debut album, "Darkness In Our House". It is a most
appealing and relevant contribution emerging from the wide pop scene
in Sweden, in lovelyness on par with the holy bodies made by Loney
Dear, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and José González.

Idiot Kid blend sounds of folk, rock and blues but most of all their
music is their very own. In the universe of Idiot Kid, the quiet and
glistening are as vivid as the tempered and regretful. Linus voice is
raspy and self-exposing, vulnerable. His guitar playing manages to
stitch together the elements of finger picking, dreamy melodies and
tearing chords with an aggressive and awaiting double bass, echoing
pianos with a lonely trumpet, a harmonium or a mandolin.

The brilliant production of the "Darkness in Our House" is that of
Johan Berthling (Tape, The Tiny etc.), who is one of most original and
talented producers (as well as musicians) that our country has to
offer. His naked arrangements provide a dimension that is rare amongst
produced pop albums of today. The soundscapes in the songs are built
up with swirling frequencies and roars, making one aware that the
songs have elements of an eno-esque sense of the importance of detail
and entirety. The music/songs itself, reminds of such diverse names as
Will Oldham and Colin Blunstone, Tindersticks and Vetiver. But there
is always something else behind that, a je-ne-sais-quoi that makes
these references nothing more than just so. This is part of the
uniqueness that is so striking about Idiot Kid.

During a year of intense playing around Stockholm, the duo of Linus
and Ann-Sofie has frequently been joined, on stage as well as in the
studio, by several talented musicians ranging from a broad spectrum of
musical fields. Andreas Söderström, usually in his tributed solo
project ASS as well as Swedish constellations Barr, Pallin and Blood
Music, is a guest of Idiot Kid's, playing everything from harmonium
and trumpet to glockenspiel and mandolin. Patric Thorman, of the
folk-psych trio Susurrus Station and the experimental jazz band Sound
of Music, to name a few, plays double and electric bass. Other
contributors include Lars Skoglund (Laakso, Moneybrother), Ola
Hultgren (Sound of Music, Loney Dear and Nicolai Dunger), Tomas
Hallonsten (Tape, Exploding Costumer), the violinist Lisa Rydberg and
Slottet's own soon-to-be superstar Jean-Louis Huhta.

Video - Darkness in our house

Linus Lotti of Idiot kid also makes music as Little Children these days.