lördag, mars 28, 2009

Familjen - Socker

A new track by Familjen - Socker - is featured on this free compilation available as download:
Scion CD sampler 24

Lot's of other top notch acts on the sampler as well: Maskinen, Stockholm syndrome, Boeos Kaelstigen, Dmitry Fyodorov and many more. All exklusive tracks for the sampler, compiled by the incomparable Discobelle.

About the collection:
"Scion Audio Visual (Scion A/V) continues on its progressive path of supporting independent artistic expression, this time by partnering with the infamous blog Discobelle to present Scion CD Sampler V. 24: Discobelle. Comprised of Discobelle's pick of their favorite current artists from their native Sweden and abroad, the comp is packed to the core with a mix of dance floor bangers and chill out music alike."