måndag, januari 19, 2009

Something beginning with an O

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - "Aer OBAMA" from Gold Greendot on Vimeo.

Not only did we spot his potential waaaaaayyyy back in February 2008, we recognized the power of Mr O instantly.

Hybris blog February 2008:
"More: We love USA. Please elect Barack Obama for your president. It might sound big, but the entire future of the world depends on it. We know that, because we are smart , read books and have the ability to think ahead. Just like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone we can sort of see the future, but in a less clear way.
We even like Black eyed pees guy, thats how fantastic Obama is."

Of course, now they start: the guys and girls with weak hearts and passionless minds, bashing O and his ideas. But you wont stop him. Not this one. He will triumph and prosper. He is our guiding light in these dark and difficult times ahead.

Other things we discovered before EVERYONE ELSE in 2008: Glasvegas. Also a phenomenon that people with little courage and passion started bashing long, long after our own cheatin hearts made us cry. Etc. osv. m m.

For all of you that want to keep one step ahead in the news the coming year(or years, we are about 5 years ahead of our time) can start thinking about this:
1. Oil will peak in the next five years(if it's not peaking already)
2. Fresh water will be scarcer and scarcer.
3. Agriculture as we now it will collapse due to no 1 and 2.
4. A sustainable and ecological food production can not feed 6 billion people, more likely only 2 billion people can be fed by sustainable technology.
5. 1-4 will lead to conflicts you cant imagine.
6. There will be a Green revolution against industrialism.
7. Flight from reality will be in more demand than ever.