tisdag, augusti 19, 2008


1. Muxtape had to take a nap today because of RIAA. Well, well, some people never learn.

2. This guy below breaks our hearts:

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

"Paul Mawhinney owns the largest collection of vinyl LPs and 45s in the world. Because of the digital music frenzy and the dwindling interest in physical music formats, Paul was forced to close his record shop. Now facing diabetes and rising health costs, he's put up his entire collection for sale.

If you've got $3 million and a place for 2.5 million records, keep an eye on this one"

3 million dollar is absolutely nothing. That's what we spend on toothpicks in Sweden per capita. We should buy this collection, make it a library, a place for kids and parents to hang out and listen to great music at. Experience shit. Or something.

But no, of course not. We are building a museum of Ingmar Bergmans scrabbling he used to put down on napkins besides his telephone when he was passing time chatting with his friends overseas during the 70s though! It's located on a remote island where only farmers and sheep live and will cost something like 100 billion.

We are also going to build an Abba museum. It will only cost 1 billion.