måndag, augusti 11, 2008

Vice Block Party!

picture: both Mattias from Hybris Sthlm office(right) and Kalle from the Hybris Malmoe office(left) will DJ at Vice block party.

The success from last year is here again - The Vice Grolsch Block Party hits Stockholm this friday 15th! Same procedure as always - Götgatan invaded by great people doing what they do best - drink beer and dance! HYBRIS will have our place at Babylon right next to Björns trädgård with Elias and the wizzkids and The Kid live. The whole thing starts at 17.00 and the band plays around sevenish/eightish. There is a big party at Brunogallerian starting around 22-23.00 something. Check out detailed info at flyer below or head out to Grolsch Block party website. Join the Facebook group for a steady flow of information.


Blogger Anna said...

Ja men man skulle ju bott i Stockholm ibland ändå!


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