lördag, juli 05, 2008

Hybris at Almedalsveckan

We are taking a few days time out from music, summer, dj:ing, concerts and beaches in Stockholm for a couple of days of politics, summer, dj:ing, concerts and beaches at Visby. Yep, Hybris is going to Almedalsveckan!
As we are one of the labels from The Swedish Model we will also be there representing The Swedish Model.

Almedalsveckan, for you that don't know, is sort of the political equivalent of Glastonbury festival, Roskilde festival or any other music festival. The only difference is that at music festivals geeks(music geeks) and normal people get together for a couple of days of talks, heavy drining and good music. At Almedalen only geeks(political geeks and media geeks) get together for a couple of days of talks, heavy drinking and bad music. Also, no normal people show up at Almedalen.

The music biz is not very much represented at Almedalen. Spot on by Almedalsbloggen that notice the total lack of anyone from the cultural sector. One could wonder why this is the case. We got a theory:
1. Regarding the 'fine arts' as ballet, litterature, movies(apparently considered a 'fine art' in Sweden) etcetera they get what they want from the state and having a high profile at Almedalsveckan would probably just lead to what they do not want - a hot discussion about the need/justifiable reasons of grants to different sectors of 'fine arts'
2. Regarding 'popular culture' such as 'pop' artists, record labels, publishing, booking agencies, club promotors - those sectors that are in businesses that actually draw a crowd any given day or night, without much support from the state. Why are they(us) not represented at Almedalen? We think it's because of
a) A historical view on popular culture as being something juvenile, something that is for kids and not to be taken seriously. By that we mean that Popular culture is being regarded as not advanced enough by the political establishment and by people in general. Pop music deserves some respect.
b)Because of an attitude from the majorlabels/labels in general/music biz in general as being financially safe and therefore not in any need of goverment grants, political drabble, music schools and whatnot one could think of.

However, we will be there! The reason we are there are that we are going to take part in a panel debate held by the swedish Pirate party. It's at Tuesday 9.30. More info here.
It will be us, Oscar Swartz and a representants from the swedish Pirate party there to talk about Copyright law and the conflict with the current laws and integrity. The seminar is one of few that will deal with questions regarding the cultural sector in any part. It's probably the only one with a representant from the cultural sector itself, we couldn't find any event in the calendar anyway that both will be about the cultural sector in some way and has a participant that is actually doing business in the cultural sector as well.

It is very bad that the cultural sector is not represented at Almedalsveckan. This should be corrected. The music biz knows how to throw a party and get noticed. Next year we should take over the show at Almedalsveckan.

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