söndag, januari 13, 2008

Vote and recieve free beer

Hello/Hola/Achtung/Bon ben mec,

Pretty please, with sugar on top, vote for our act Elias and the wizzkids for the Myspace award at the swedish Rockbjornen gala. Everyone can vote, and as MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. So vote as crazy. Think about all those convicts in the US, they dont get to vote at all!

Excercise your mousfinger as crazy and vote here

IN RETURN, we at the Sthlm Office and the Malmoe Office of Hybris will buy you a pint of beer of your choice at the pub if you can track us down any given monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday or sunday. Wouldnt be too hard if you try in Malmoe. The Malmoe office is all over the bars in Malmoe. Sthlm might be trickier. But give it a try!

Heres what we look like so you can find us

Ok, happy hunting and keep voting!