onsdag, januari 09, 2008

Det snurrar i min skalle wins grammy!

Grammy-award winning video: Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle

Yippie-yay, today Familjens video to "Det snurrar i min skalle", directed by Johan Söderberg, won a grammy award for Best video in Sweden!

It was a knock-out victory where the people voted massively for Familjen! Familjen was also nominated in the Best Hiphop/Dance/Soul category. It was a really close call, he was second right after Adam Tensta. Thats alright though, Adam Tensta deserved it big time, they are collaborating at Familjens upcoming single by the way where a remix by Adam Tensta will feature!


Blogger Fremmedgørelse said...

Are you kidding??? so it was true...this video won grammy??? o how nice.....you have to know your artist (familjen) have a fan over here in Mexico....the lyrics of this song are awesome....even in English (not in Spanish unfortunately)....also like El Perro del Mar...you scandinavians are taking the music business...thanks god it was you and not the Spanish....


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