tisdag, september 25, 2007

Sonicbids and CMJ cashes in

It's always funny when somebody makes mistakes. Yesterday we got an email with a 'thanks, but no thanks' regarding one of our artists appearances at the NY music biz festival CMJ. Thing is, you have to pay 45 bucks to apply and create a whole account not unlike creating a proper myspace account. Actually maybe with even more info you would add to a myspace account. This goes on over at the site Sonicbids. They charge you 45$ for all that hassle you have to do for them(wich is, you know, free in the rest of the internetworld).

Our artist was on 'standby' for a long time, but then yesterday we got the definitve no. We got it in an email that didn't surpress the other emails to acts that got a no thank you. It was 675 bands. They all had been on 'standby'. We're not too upset really, but it's pretty obvious Sonicbids and CMJ handles the application process as a business model, earning around 30 000$ in application fees just from the band who made it to 'standby'.
And they didn't even listen to most of the bands, as the Sonicbids site has statistics how many listened to the songs. Ours got '0' listeners. The whole thing just suck. But then again, this is in total line with every experience we have had with the 'biz' so far.

Here you got the story explained out in better english if you didn't grip this.

So, from the bottom of our hearts: Sonicbids and CMJ, sod off and never show your ugly face around here again.


Blogger kain(e). said...

what fuck ups they are. glad you spread the word. congrats on a fantastic signing in rubies too by the way guys.

Anonymous Amen said...

det är lite gulligt att ni berättar om en sån här grej. känns ju som att ni rimligtvis borde sitta i samma slags stol som det där musikrallyt. skulle ni bry er mer om demobanden skickade med 300 spänn i kuvertet?

jag läste annars en uppdatering att de visst lyssnat. men i smyg. haha.

Anonymous Anonym said...



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