onsdag, september 05, 2007

Hybris welcomes Rubies!

Hybris welcomes Rubies to our family of artists!
Danceable folk, bedroom disco, and lost love laments; these are just a few facets of Rubies. California-based trio, Rubies are three young ladies clad in fineries, beaming beautifully with mystical symbols adorning their cheeks. Simone Rubi (lead vocals, keyboards) entices the crowd while Terri Loewenthal (bass) keeps them dancing. Add Amy Cooper's shimmering guitar, the harmonies of all three voices and beats provided by machine or borrowed man. While it could be in a crowded avant-garde discotheque in NYC, a motorik infused warehouse in Berlin, or the pine-needle carpeted redwoods of Big Sur, the energy of Rubies will have you floating in colored air.
The first single will be released in october by Hybris in Sweden and House of Tellé in Europe. The album, due early next year, have helping hands from Eirik Glambek-Boe (Kings of Convenience) and his new group "Kommode", Leslie Feist, Karl-Jonas Winqvist (Blood Music), Dan Judd (Sorcerer), Lars Skoglund (Laakso, Peter, Bjorn and John), Maria Eriksson (The Concretes) and a small army of other talented folks from all over the world.

Check out the Rubies myspace for more goodies.

Thursday 6 september they perform at Debaser in Malmö and at friday at 211 in Göteborg if you happen to be in the area. Don't miss it for the world!